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BlAir KeRr
BlAir KeRr
FreeLance Designer / Concept ARtist / Painter
TokYO x NewYORK x PARiS , United States of America



Arsonist #放火 Da-AVROLAk-KiD©.
Artist | ProfessionaL | Varied
United States

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The Arsonist #放火 _
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BlAir T. KeRr x
Artist | FreelanceDesigner | Digital & Traditional ARTs
based in NEWYORK

#ARSENiZM _ [Concieved in N.Y.C &Born]// the multifaceted BLAIR aka ARSON thee-ARSONIST- lives as an ARTIST.&.WORKS as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, independent FASHIONDesigner as well as Creative Director and co-founder of "ANinDANGERSPECiES" brainchild of MR.TORO The Creator-{indie filmDirector&writer}

-ARSNZMA — a *worldAcclaimed BRAND & artist Collective Studio that produces highquality moderns artworks & DESIGNS for the likes of popArtist giant JessieJ "English singer and songwriter" as well as underground and upcoming talents in underground hiphop and various other music-acts
_When not in the lead of a project or collaboration with other contemporaries in his field as well as other creatives & artistic friends embarking on their own artistic pursuits /he has been known to feature and work for other designers and brand owners
FOR example; the likes of Kooan kosuke of the brand KooanKooan_ "Kooan Kosuke, "Project Runway" Season 10 designer"
Japanese Designer residing in NYC

Formally trained in {Illustration/graphic design and FineArts at PRATTinstitue in Brooklyn NY/ then eventually tranfering to FashionInstitue of Technology _ persuing his interests in fashion design_ spending his first year as an f.i.t student studying abroad & living in Florence Italia home of the renaissance_ when not in class or working taking time to take in the richness of the florentine artistic history of the ancient city_
Most of his freetime is spent keeping up with his love of anime/ comicbooks & the art of tattooing which he picked up from his uncle in his teens
BLAIR's art is empowered by his numerous visual inspirations that reach from his involvement in grafiti"streetart" birthed in his burrough the BRONX to his love for the greatmasters of art / legends such as Picasso /Warhol/ Basquiat & Leonardo DaVinci_ with a distinct sense of style and "aesthetics" and visual Chaos he feels equal to the perfection of the world we all exist in_ His art a perfect amalgamation of neoModern art styles with many wordly influences _ Better known by the alter-ego ARSONiST" Kerr,s art continues to latch-onto & inspire artists as well as artlovers alike_ He remains incontact and involved with the everEvolving fan-base around the planet through various social media platforms _ His Artgroup on facebook " ARt© " .with upwards and growing 2k members from all-over the globe remains a main source of inspiration for him to keep up with fans of his work and artists of which he has also become a fan ___

-as of recent, BLAIR now back in his city of origin looks forward to expanding his brand and working with as many creatives as he can _ the current & ongoing works include an indieband along with multiple hip-hop mix;tapes / multiple short-films _ and a documentary about his work and life thusfar__

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jean-michel Basquiat a.k.a _SAM0©.
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.whats TV.!?.. .
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Amy Winehouse
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sega Dreamcast
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...his barehands
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